Thursday, August 11, 2011

I need a girl like you like a stolen car

One day you're gonna miss me. One day you're gonna wake up cold.
Then you'll wish that you could kiss me when you're old and you're alone.

So cry if you want to.
Yeah, you can come undone but you've gotta have a heart to have a broken one.
You can take your accusations. You can have all your records back.
You can have an opinion or a heart attack,
'cause if you lose a kindred spirit, you'll find another one.
But you've gotta to pull the trigger to have a smoking gun.

Oh my girl, it must be so tight in your skin 'cause there's no room to breathe- this fantasy you're living in.

I need a new perpective, I need a fresh start.
I need a girl like you like a stolen car
Cause we all love the joyride until you wind up dead.
You see, you don't need a heart to have a swollen head

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