Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ah Morrissey, we love you

Even though I "closed" my Airborne Confessions Blog down in August, I still receive the odd comment here and there. This morning I discovered this one left on a Morrissey post.

Morrissey is a rock ikon the world over as far as real people are concerned.
He refuses to conform to the commercialised and fake music scene. For this reason he is left out in the cold when his immense talent should be respected and idolised by true music fans.
Top bands such as The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Ordinary Boys, Wombats, Coldplay and many more all nod to his influence in their respective careers.
Morrissey is indeed the Last of The Famous International Playboys!

Vive la Moz!

PS. you are very pretty Stephanie. I will see you in far off places! Daz Manchester UK

Also, the photo above is most likely the confirmed artwork for his new album "Years of Refusal", due out February 3, 2009.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Still On Fire" by First Aid Kit

Jason Collett you have my vote

I've been rather obsessed lately with bad politics, the crap Canadian election, the shite economy and the end of the world, so it was a little shining music that got me back on track. Although our election doesn't give us much hope, here in Canada we have great singer-songwriter talent to keep us from killing ourselves. I must say I just love this young cracking-folkish voice of Jason Collett's. He's just the perfect thing to get my mind off the negatives. I especially enjoy his song "Through The Night These Days". Jason Collett is signed to Arts & Crafts at the moment and they've done him a nice web-page, but other than that, I think you'd have to check out iTunes to get his album.

"Through The Night These Days" is from his latest release.

Finally something new!

While driving home over the Lions Gate Bridge, CBC Radio 2 played a track from a band I hadn't come across. The Fleet Foxes. I love their sound so I will leave you to their MySpace Page to see for yourselves. I say it's great Fall driving music. I like the tracks "English House" from the MySpace collection, but CBC played "Ragged Wood", which got me as far to blog this.

David Letterman appearance video