Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Morrissey picked for his lyrical humour

Jim Rome piped in to Morrissey-Solo.com to make notice of MSN's music editor's favorite examples for best humour in lyrics.
Wittiest Lyrics was the headline and according the music editor, James Hurley, "People who dismiss Morrissey as miserable miss the point spectacularly. Quite simply, he's responsible for some of the wittiest lyrics ever committed to tape. While it would be foolish to try to identify a single example as his best, the wonderfully knowing self-deprecation of "I used to dream and I used to vow / I wouldn't dream of it now" captures his essence perfectly."

So, there you have it.

"Sweetness I was only joking when I said I'd like to smash every tooth in your head"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Music Advice

Listening to CBC 690 on the way home this afternoon, I caught Jon Siddal's "Chartsurfer". Today he reminded me to play an oldie from my iTunes, "Wichita Lineman" sung by Glen Campbell.

The song was written by legendary composer, Jimmy Webb - an absolute genius and a keystone in the music world. Wichita Lineman was first recorded by Glen Campbell in 1968 - as was a ton of other great Jimmy Webb music, including Richard Harris' breakthrough album, "A Tramp Shining".

Webb also wrote "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" - another huge hit for Campbell. Glen's voice back in the day was quite different than what he sounds like in recent decades. I don't know what it is back then - his voice was higher and sweeter, more precise in its sound.

So do yourself a favor and play "Wichita Lineman" and see what we're missing in music today...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flash back Thursdays

I almost forgot about Flashback Thursday until I was watching Much More Music tonight. There he was. Classic, hot, great lid, suit, English, Robert Palmer (January 19, 1949 - September 26, 2003) doing his platform performance, "Addicted To Love."

There are a few YouTube video links that can't be embedded but are worth clicking on to (in private - you don't want people to think you actually listen to this stuff).

Addicted To Love is a great music video - pure in form actually. There are other YouTube video versions of this song but with crap audio so you really have to cut and paste this link into your web browser. Sorry - hate to make ya all work.


Also if you can get it to play on Radio Blog, then turn it up. I don't care - it's does have something doesn't it? Or maybe it's just those wry lyrics.

Fire It Up!

Loving this new album from MODEST MOUSE more and more.

Is there enough? Is there enough? Is there enough?
Is there enough?
Fire it up, fire it up
When we finally turn it over
Make a B-line towards the border
Have a drink, you've had enough

Fire it up, fire it up
If you need some conversation
Bring a magazine to read around
Our broke down transportation

Fire it up
Is there enough?
Fire it up, fire it up
When we find the perfect water
We'll hang out on the shore
Just long enough to leave our clothes there

Find enough, find enough
Oh we ate all of the oranges
Off the navels of our lovers
Grabbed a book and read the cover

It honestly was beautifully done
Like trying to hide the daylight from the sun
But even if we had been sure enough it's true we really didn't know
Even if we knew which way to head but still we probably wouldn't go

Fire it up, fire it up
We pushed off we're rolling boulders
Crashing down the mirrored stairways
Two of lifes best mind canaries

Fire it up, fire it up
When we fix the carburetor
Then we'll push off once again
In an hour or so later

It honestly was beautifully bold
Like trying to save an ice cube from the cold
But even if we had been sure enough it's true we really didn't know
Even if we knew which way to head but still we probably wouldn't go

Well we always had it all

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A fav

Back in 2003 I caught this song on a Victoria radio station. I called in to find out what it was and that night raced to two different A & B Sound locations to purchase The Roots. I don't know anyone who can resist it.