Saturday, September 07, 2013

Tired Pony = the supergroup including Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol

He looked like Gary from Snow Patrol. Turns out, it is Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol.
This is TIRED PONY and their wonderful tune, All Things At Once

All The Way With You - John Prine

Had dinner with a beautiful, smart, witty and accomplished friend last night. She and her husband are huge John Prine fans and I'm so embarrassed to say that with the thousands of songs in my iTunes, I have no John Prine. This of course, is a terrible crime and intend to correct the dire situation right away.

Last night she played this song for me - "All The Way With You". The lyrics are so beautiful and Prine's voice is velvet and deep.  So authentic.  We listened to it together and talked about another dear person in my life.  This is that song.

Love gives
Love takes
It takes a lot of lucky breaks
Lucky strikes
Lucky stars
I don't know how I got this far
Who knows where it's coming from
Or where it's going to
Can I go all the way with you?

You have your way
You have your doubts
The falling in
The falling out
A bridge is built
A bridge is burned
Till you reach the point of no return
Don't know where we're coming from
Or where we're going to
Can I go all the way with you?

Heaven knows that this ain't nothing new
God knows how much I love you
Love comes
Love goes
Can I go all the way with you?
Can I go all the way with you?