Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whino-house, July, Julie, and throw-backs

A weird topic keeps popping up. It's name is Amy Winehouse. Let me just say this: I don't get it. Thank God for one of my favorite people, who totally NEVER got the attraction from the beginning, I can roll around in a common mind set around this thing.

Let me point you in the direction of people much more talented.

First - if you like blues/jazz, try Jully Black instead. She's like 20x the artist and talent of the winehouse variety and she doesn't have to be crane lifted into a concert hall half conscious. I heard her this morning on the way in - the song was 7-day fool.

(love this photo by the way)

Second, Neko Case. Formerly of Vancouver-based The New Pornographers (that's a band not career title by the way), she's totally cool and a definite throw back. Check out "Hold On" and you'll see what I mean.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sleeveface me

I'm much more sedate this morning...After my blast/post on Airborne Confessions, I'm busying myself at lunchtime to navigate around some oddball sites and arming myself with novelty. I think I'm in need of some cheering up - same with the New Yorker because of her little pet mouse went to Heaven last week :(

So here it is: something called "Sleeveface". Flickr's got an entire Pool on the matter and I've sourced the best of them here with this guy.

I just may have to rethink my profile picture and exchange it for this one:

You can tell who's got it going on and who aint but their sleeveface, so be prepared to be terrorfied and impressed by a few of them. I couldn't find Tom Waits or Lee Hazelwood. Email me if need be.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

k.d. lang's latest recording, Watershed

Watershed Review (published February 15, 2008 North Shore News)
- Stephanie Kiernan \Rating: 7 out of 10

It’s two years short of a decade since k.d. lang gave way to writing and recording her own music, she now comes to us at the age of 46 without frills, props or stunts, pouring forth Watershed – a collection of 11 original songs.
Whether a case of artistic drought or a self-imposed retreat, there is something more innate and profound yet to be unearthed within her mellow scale and tune. Perhaps it’s her found spiritualism as a Buddhist that accentuates the sincerity of these pieces.
Watershed gently trickles through restrained, tolerant and mild sounds that leave little trace of our Prairie prancing cowgirl. Kathy Lang emerges soulful from her quiet L.A. existence to write, perform and even produce her latest endeavor that will take her on full tour of North American dates including an impressive three-night stand in New York – not too shabby.

From the frisk and frolic of Invincible Summer to the honour of reminiscing Canadian classics on Hymns of the 49th Parallel, not to mention the duets with the iconic Tony Bennett, k.d. lang still reminds us of a throw-back of sorts.

What seems to make this album tick is an inconspicuous blend of all her incarnations – but all softening of edges. Tender jazz influences like the bossa nova reverberation gelling with steel guitar and rustic banjo, plush piano and string congealing magically with her distinguished vocals. From the push off of track one, I Dream of Spring (her confessed personal favorite) melding into Je Fais Le Planche and Coming Home, it’s subdued delivery that is uncomplicated and natural; just as our homespun chanteuse has become - at ease and comfortable in her own skin, unpretentious and ever humble.
Whatever her secret in maintaining such strong appeal, Watershed melds and drifts across a Sunday morning playlist like a meditation, easily absorbed through the most brittle of senses.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Finally - break the dullness and the silence!

Thanks to Dan Johnson who gifted me this iTunes video! Bless your heart for understanding me. Especially after a week where THEY KNOW NOTHING OF ME.
I was confused with their name "Pilot Speed" because I immediately thought of Pilate, a Canadian band, which is in my iTunes (album called "Caught by the Window"). Ah ha! Pilot Speed IS formerly Pilate. Okay. That makes sense. Jared needs to go to their MySpace site - check out the song Into Your Hideout - that's the one I knew them by. I love this little video. It reminds me of that Blur video "Good Song" - a sad little cartoon critter - reminding me more of myself these days :( Anyways, these guys are good and I wish I wasn't working on the Watershed review now - I mean, yeah Watershed's okay, but it's just okay - it's exactly what to expect. A mellow little album for Sunday morning coffee. But that's not what makes me tick. I need guts pouring out on the floor - like this song. Real sad. I need REAL SAD dammit! Don't come to me with your drool. I have enough drool at work. Oh no - that's not drool - those are Drips. Right.