Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sleeveface me

I'm much more sedate this morning...After my blast/post on Airborne Confessions, I'm busying myself at lunchtime to navigate around some oddball sites and arming myself with novelty. I think I'm in need of some cheering up - same with the New Yorker because of her little pet mouse went to Heaven last week :(

So here it is: something called "Sleeveface". Flickr's got an entire Pool on the matter and I've sourced the best of them here with this guy.

I just may have to rethink my profile picture and exchange it for this one:

You can tell who's got it going on and who aint but their sleeveface, so be prepared to be terrorfied and impressed by a few of them. I couldn't find Tom Waits or Lee Hazelwood. Email me if need be.

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