Saturday, February 09, 2008

Finally - break the dullness and the silence!

Thanks to Dan Johnson who gifted me this iTunes video! Bless your heart for understanding me. Especially after a week where THEY KNOW NOTHING OF ME.
I was confused with their name "Pilot Speed" because I immediately thought of Pilate, a Canadian band, which is in my iTunes (album called "Caught by the Window"). Ah ha! Pilot Speed IS formerly Pilate. Okay. That makes sense. Jared needs to go to their MySpace site - check out the song Into Your Hideout - that's the one I knew them by. I love this little video. It reminds me of that Blur video "Good Song" - a sad little cartoon critter - reminding me more of myself these days :( Anyways, these guys are good and I wish I wasn't working on the Watershed review now - I mean, yeah Watershed's okay, but it's just okay - it's exactly what to expect. A mellow little album for Sunday morning coffee. But that's not what makes me tick. I need guts pouring out on the floor - like this song. Real sad. I need REAL SAD dammit! Don't come to me with your drool. I have enough drool at work. Oh no - that's not drool - those are Drips. Right.

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