Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to basics with the Tragically Hip on my iPod

Although "In Violet Light" is my new Hip favourite album (playing "Leave" 20 times a day), I'm reminded of their In Between Evolution hit here. Also, "Are We Family" is a goodie.

And then there's this...

When the colour of the night
and all the smoke for one life
gives way to shakey movements,
improvisational skills,
a forest of whispering speakers
let's swear that we will
get with the times,
in a current heath to stay
let's get friendship right
get life day-to-day
in the forget-yer-skates dream
full of countervailing woes
in diverse-as-ever scenes
proceeding on a need-to-know
in a face so full of meaning
as to almost make it glow

O' for a good life, we just might have to weaken
and find somewhere to go
go somewhere we're needed
find somewhere to grow
grow somewhere we're needed.

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