Monday, November 10, 2008


I worked on Saturday to help out at one of the showhomes in Heritage Woods. On the way home in the dark just after 6pm, driving along the quiet Barnet Hwy that hugs the inlet from Port Moody to Burnaby, I was listening to CBC Radio 2 and this catchy song came on. It was Sunny Day by local Vancouver music project Phontaine. Before the song ended I took note of the time and thought once I got home I'd check the CBC Playlist Web Site and find out what it was - there was no need because Tim Tamashiro, Tonic's host, plugged it immediately 'If you don't have any Phontaine, go out and buy an album - it's great music to have..." I was rummaging into my purse, nearly driving off the road for my ballpoint and note pad to scribble it down. Once home on Saturday night I purchased the album in which Sunny Day appears, Bibliotec. I wouldn't declare myself as a fan of electronic music, but I have to say, this got my attention.

This unofficial Phontaine video is of the final song on that album. I can't seem to find Sunny Day, but this entire album is pretty addictive at the moment. The track "Fin" is also fantastic.

Grant Baldwin is Phontaine and the music is grade A.

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