Saturday, November 29, 2008

Greg Laswell Linked and Liked

It's early Saturday morning and I've logged on to Facebook to pick up some messages. Although I resisted Facebook at the onset last year, I must admit it has its advantages.

First it's about people. I've been able to connect with friends and family that I would otherwise not be able to. There just wouldn't have been that opportunity. The other of course, is the iLike application. I'd like to say that I'm turning friends on to new music by 'publishing' my iLike selections, but also, there are friends like Terrie, Jennifer and of course Marni, who are doing the same for me. So while many folks like to blame Book-Visage for everything from break-ups to gossip machinery, there's something to be said for the connection that a song or music can make between people.

With that said, thanks to Terrie and Jennifer for being very cool and selecting and publishing your pick for the multi-talented artist, Greg Laswell - hailing from San Diego, California. Besides being a producer and engineer, the guy clearly knows how to write and record good music. From his album, "Three Flights from Alto Nido", this song is entitled "How The Day Sounds" and it is my pick of the week.

Now I have to finish - actually start - my review for the new Snow Patrol. It's not doing it for me so far. Looks like another bleak 6 out of Tener.

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