Friday, November 03, 2006

Wild Sweet Orange

This morning while listening to 90.3 Seattle on the web, a song came on that I was immediately attached to. Off to and played the song over and over and over. The song is "ten dead dogs" - this band is just operating by demo record at the moment. So we can't even buy it if we wanted to! :( So check out their myspace site:
  • Wild Sweet Orange

  • I've googled the heck of them but only came up with another Blog (I Rock Cleveland) that mentions the following:
    "Ten Dead Dogs" by Birmingham, Alabama's Wild Sweet Orange is a song that has taken over my sound system the last couple days. Admittedly, Birmingham is not one of the fanciest addresses for aspiring rockers. Don't let that dissuade you. In "Ten Dead Dogs" you'll hear traces of American roots music and nineties alternative rock, along side powerful and poignant lyrics. As an aside, I am forever indebted to John Richards, aka John in the Morning, of KEXP, for turning me onto these guys.

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