Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mike Clark-Darker Machines

A former university wrestler, music school dropout, oilfield roughneck, and road manager for Tegan and Sara, Mike Clark has managed to unfold himself into an expressive performing songwriter with honest lyrics and a knack for hooky melodics.
Due for Nationwide release on April 6th, his debut album, Darker Machines, co-produced with Futcher (The Be Good Tanyas), seamlessly switches from a hushed acoustic guitar to a Violent-Femmes-cum-Sonic-Youth fury and successfully proves his adeptness at both song craft and performance.
Joining a stable of artists at the Vancouver-based collective, Copperspine Records, Mike Clark exemplifies their stance for music with integrity and intelligence. Whether on stage, or as captured in the songs on this disc, the honesty and directness of Mike Clark's music is clear to all that hear it.

  • Mike Clark Official Site - Play Audio Samples
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