Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Band of Horse is great driving music

The first Band of Horses' song I heard was The Funeral, around the time John's dad passed away. I bought the album, got hooked and became an instant fan. I love this South Carolina indie rock sound - though BOH is completely unique. Ben Bridwell's vocals are hard to miss. It's music that I love to put in the car and just drive to.

If you like Sparklehorse or Built To Spill, you'll adore this band. I play both albums "Everything All The Time" and "Cease To Begin" a lot. It's just music I never tire of. The other day I went in to a local women's clothing store and there was that unmistakable sound playing. I asked the store manager if it was Band of Horses. She wasn't sure so she went over to the counter to collect their playlist, saying they never play top 40 (top 40 being a swear word in my presence). Sure enough, it was. It was a song I hadn't listened to yet. The moment I arrived back at my apartment, I got on my iTunes and just reveled in it's soaking guitar churns and Ben's brilliant phrasing. Love these guys.

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