Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oncoming Morrissey

With everything that I write or post on this music site, you'd think I should change the name to MozChords or something. Well, here I go again. For the first time in a while, I visited Morrissey's official website which I found a revised home page, an old black and white of Morrissey floating in a swimming pool with the notation COMING SOON: February 11th - Greatest Hits. Being that I purchase anything and everything Morrissey, it won't bother me that I already have all his albums and I'll buy this one as well. I'm Deeee-voted folks - and a little Demented about it. And besides, I think that a new release justifies a new Review for the NSN doesn't it? I'm sure Goodman will publish it. "Write it and they will come."

In other Morrissey related stories, last night after working with my horrendous back pain all day, all I could manage was a thin crust mozzella pizza and a glass (okay three) of champagne then plunk down on the sofa. Before I knew it, I was out; so I didn't go down to Garvey's. He was having a few folks from work over which included Dubliner, Adrian. About 10 minutes after midnight I get awoken by the phone only to hear that I missed out on how much a Morrissey fan Adrian is. Of course he is. Bugger. And think of all the wonderful things we could have hashed over, and over and over? Somehow a guy from Ireland or England talking about mutual love of Morrissey and The Smiths just makes me feel a bit closer to...God. Anyway, in the haze I think John said that Adrian was talking about the film or video where they follow Morrissey around LA. Well, that would be from "The Importance of Being Morrissey".

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