Sunday, November 04, 2007

Songs from Cat Power's Jukebox Revealed

The amended title of Chan Marshall's eighth (!) album has been revealed. No longer entitled "Covers Record 2", she discloses the tracklisting and artwork for "Jukebox", and a release date of January 22, 2008. Though the Cat Power album is almost all but cover tunes, she's included two original recordings, "Metal Heart" and track four "Song To Bobby", for her adoration of Bob Dylan.

Cat Power – Jukebox Tracklist:

1. Theme From 'New York, New York' - (Written by Fred Ebb/John Kander)
2. Metal Heart - (Written by Chan Marshall)
3. Ramblin' (Wo)man - (Written by Hank Williams)
4. Song To Bobby - (Written by Chan Marshall)
5. Aretha, Sing One For Me - (Written by J Harris/Eugene William)
6. Lost Someone - (Written by James Brown/Bobby Byrd/Lloyd Stallworth)
7. I Believe In You - (Written by Bob Dylan)
8. Fortunate Son - (Written by John Fogerty)
9. Silver Stallion - (Written by Lee Clayton)
10. Dark End of the Street - (Written by Chips Moman/Dan Penn)
11. Don't Explain - (Written by Arthur Herzog, Jr./Billie Holiday)
12. Woman Left Lonely - (Written by Spooner Oldham/Dan Penn)

So what is CAT POWER? Cat Power is the stage name of Chan (pronounced Shawn) Marshall, a talented and shy singer-songwriter from the Southern United States. She's been recording her music since 1995. Some critics have cited her as the reluctant musician because of her severe stage-fright and live performance abrupt 'slip aways'. Her early live performances had been muted and tainted by influence of alcohol, making concerts messy and unprofessional. As of late, sober and fully committed to her craft, she's brought new life to a polished delivery. Perhaps the success of 2006's "The Greatest" allowed this to happen.

Her music is all encompassing - Folk, Soul, Blues, Funk, Indie-Rock. Her influences are far and wide - as reflected in her upcoming album. I for one, will be making this a must CD purchase and I'd even take a chance to attend one of her shows - slip away or not.

Dear Sir CD/LP(10") (reissued CD/LP(12") 2001, Plain recordings)
Myra Lee (1996, Smells Like Records)
What Would the Community Think (1996, Matador Records)
Moon Pix (1998, Matador Records)
The Covers Record (2000, Matador Records)
You Are Free (2003, Matador Records) US #105, UK #157
The Greatest (2006, Matador Records) US #34, UK #45, CAN #63, AUS #26
Jukebox (2008, Matador Records)

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