Sunday, February 11, 2007


As I said back on Mememois, Rossi made me a mixed cd. She says it's a lot of pressure in making a cd for me. Anyways, she's put some gems on it and didn't give me her playlist. So I've been typing lyrics into Google and finding my recording artists so I can get their cds (or at least get the News to get them so I can write an new article). Well, here we go with this track called "Ride", by Nashville native, Cary Brothers - first name Cary, last name Brothers. Right away I thought I was searching a band called The Cary Brothers.

Well, the song embedded below I love. His two EPs are Waiting For Your Letter, and All The Rage. He looks too young to have any rage don't you think?

PS I get these songs for the blog from
  • you can find pretty much anything there and if you're having trouble playing the player I've placed, just go to Radio Blog and find another one to listen to.

  • Cary Brothers Official Site

  • Cary Brothers Wiki

  • The last song on Rossi's compliation was Pain Killer by Turin Brakes, a UK band. This song sounding to Steve and I like late 70's (Steve's favourite music genre whether he'll admit it or not). Their MYSPACE site label them as folk acoustic.

    The song plays at this address (sorry, you'll have to do some work here - my link below doesn't seem to be working) :

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